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Richford, VT


Our mission is to create natural products that delight the senses while being gentle and effective.

Lumberjack News

Luscious Lumberjack and Mad River Distillers

Aaron Mills

Luscious Lumberjack will be setup as a vendor in the Mad River Distillers just in time to pick up a couple last minute gifts. Come to downtown Burlington, have a couple amazing drinks in the Mad River tasting room, and check out the Luscious Lumberjack gear. How can you go wrong with a gift box filled with finely crafted spirits and beardy goods?

Winter Update

Aaron Mills




Introducing our new line of winter seasonal scented products.
Our seasonal blend of Cool Peppermint and Smooth Vanilla to bring you holiday cheer. You don't have to be naughty to get a visit from Krampus this year.

All-Purpose Krampus Balm

Hands, Feet, and Beards

Krampus Lip Balm

Krampus Pre-Shave Oil

View all the seasonal products on the website
Find us at the Burlington Winter Market
The Burlington Farmers’ Market provides a welcoming venue for visitors and locals alike to shop directly from Vermont farmers and artisans in the city’s historic downtown. This fun and festive experience is offered year-round through two markets, an outdoor market in warmer months and an indoor market during Vermont’s chilly winters. Both treat shoppers to a bounty of fresh, locally grown produce, handmade crafts, sweet and savory treats, and meats and cheeses from Vermont’s lush pastures.
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The Cherry on Top

Aaron Mills

One last step. Add the cupola on top. We want to keep heat in, and we're not going to be reducing sugar to syrup, so we didn't get a working one. It still looks pretty nice.

Special Delivery

Aaron Mills

Our plan is to have 3 buildings. We want to have one ready to go so we had it delivered pre-built. We got it from Jamaica Cottage Shop ( They were super easy to work with, but at times their communication was a bit lacking. After a couple hours it made it to the foundation we built.

We had it built with no windows. Once we figure out our floor plan we'll get some energy efficient windows. We'll have to seal, insulate, electric, and plumbing. Solar, rocket mass wood stove, and tons of other fun adventures.

A Solid Foundation

Aaron Mills

Once the holes were dug, the tubes inserted, and concrete poured it was time to finish up the foundation. We added a plastic barrier, and covered it with gravel. This is really just to keep it dry for when I have to crawl under the building to work.

The concrete was still a bit fresh, so we blocked it up to support the weight of the building for delivery. It was quite an undertaking, but with plenty of teamwork it all came together.

Holey Moley

Aaron Mills

Here are a few photos from when we started the foundation for our first building. We rented a big ol 2 person auger to dig 6 holes for sonotubes. It wasn't too rocky, but was still challenging to get to 48" to be below the frost line. We considered trying to figure out how to mount it to the Kubota so we wouldn't have to muscle it, but it turned out to require more brain power than it was worth to dig just 6 holes. We got it done pretty quickly.

August HBG Flea

Aaron Mills

We had an fantastic time at the HBG Flea yesterday. It's one of our favorite events. We always meet the best people; small business owners, artists, and customers. Be sure to check out Midtown, it's an amazingly diverse, vibrant, and welcoming community!

The Driveway

Aaron Mills

The driveway was a big step. We couldn't really get on or off the property without it. Fortunately, our fantastic neighbors allowed us to drive through their yard until we got it finished.

We had to dig out a ditch, put in the culvert, back fill, compact, grade, and cleanup. There's a bit more work of grading to direct water to it, cementing the ends to stop erosion, and a couple other things. But it's a driveway, and most of the heavy lifting is done.


Aaron Mills

Acres of uncut brush to deal with. First thing was to clear away all the overgrowth. Between weed whacking, mowing, and the brush hog, I spent hours and hours just clearing a place to start.

It actually looks like land now, versus a field in the woods.

New Photos!

Aaron Mills

We've been working like crazy to get the website updated, and start promoting the products.  You should notice new photos showing up, and might recognize the background from our photo booth. That's top notch, right?

Help support our vision

Aaron Mills

Help us take our natural product businss off the grid.

My wife and I are the owners of Luscious Lumberjack, an all-natural beauty product company.  Making and using natural products is something we really believe in, keeping them affordable and available to as many people as possible is something we’re even more passionate about. People have told us that we could charge more for these hand crafted items and sure we could, but buying something that is safe, gentle, and effective should also be affordable. Pricing someone out that has extreme sensitivities to the potential toxic chemicals used in the majority of massed produced beauty products, just to make a few extra dollars, is unconscionable.

We feel that using sustainable energy in manufacturing is just as important as creating natural products. How can we justify potentially poisoning the environment while telling people not to put harmful chemicals on their skin?

This is a very expensive dream.  A dream many people share and this Gofundme campaign means that you can participate in something great, something that is out of reach without your help.  If we could get this sustainable endeavor funded, we won’t have to pass the cost of this dream onto customers who can’t afford a few extra dollars, but maybe you can.

This next step in our lives will be our life.  We are fully committed to living sustainably, not just running our business within the confines of an off the grid lifestyle.  So much so, that we cashed out our 401Ks to start the business, purchase the property, and build a small, green home. But we need help with the rest.

We recently purchased 10acres in northern Vermont. We will live and work on this land. We plan to keep bees for their beeswax and honey and sheep for their milk so we can continue to expand and offer more amazing products. We are asking for your help so we can purchase solar electric, small wind turbines, a rain collection system with filtration, and a separate “clean” room away from our pets for those with animal allergies.

Most of us can’t afford to live this way and that’s why so few try, but this is a step in the right direction. This is something that everyone who participates in, whether you purchase our products or donate to our Gofundme, can be proud of and tell your friends and family about what you helped us achieve.

Thank you in advance for your contribution, and please share our story.

Camping in comfort

Aaron Mills

We built platforms for tents, and a solar shower. It's nice when the ground is smooth and level. These platforms are a permanent addition, and anyone interested in camping is welcome to use them when visiting.

And who doesn't want a toasty warm shower to wrap up a long day of hard work? Black buckets in the sun did a great job at heating the water. Or a big metal pot on the camp fire for the not so sunny days.

And then there was dirt

Aaron Mills

Last week we made the first real trip to our land in Vermont. 10 acres of woods and shrubs to manage. It was a tough week, but it's an amazing feeling to be working for ourselves. We had so much help from family and neighbors. We wouldn't have gotten as far as we did without their help.

Which label can you read?

Aaron Mills

So here are 2 ingredient labels. The green product is marketed for "working man hands", but the Lumberjack balm does that job too. Let's take a look at the ingredients. Out of all the ingredients on the green container the only one I recognize is water, and it's the first ingredient. The rest is all chemical rubbish. Lumberjack, all natural butters and oils. I know which one I want to use. And that's why I made it. Real ingredients, real results.

If you want to know what's in our products, and why they're so amazing check out our page with ingredient breakout and benefits.

Beet Based Lip Balm!

Aaron Mills

We're currently working on a new lip balm. Our original recipe tinted with beet root powder. It's our base recipe that will add a natural blush to your lips. The beet sugars add a touch of sweet, paired with the cocoa butter makes this one amazingly tasty.