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Richford, VT


Our mission is to create natural products that delight the senses while being gentle and effective.

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Help us take our natural product business off the grid.




Jess &amp; Noodles

Jess & Noodles

We pride ourselves on being an all-natural beauty product company.  Making and using natural products is something we really believe in, keeping them affordable and available to as many people as possible is something we’re even more passionate about. People have told us that we could charge more for these hand crafted items and sure we could, but buying something that is safe, gentle, and effective should also be affordable. Pricing someone out that has extreme sensitivities to the potential toxic chemicals used in the majority of massed produced beauty products, just to make a few extra dollars, is unconscionable.
We feel that using sustainable energy in manufacturing is just as important as creating natural products. How can we justify potentially poisoning the environment while telling people not to put harmful chemicals on their skin?
This is a very expensive dream.  A dream many people share and this donation campaign means that you can participate in something great, something that is out of reach without your help.  If we could get this sustainable endeavor funded, we won’t have to pass the cost of this dream onto customers who can’t afford a few extra dollars, but maybe you can.
This next step in our lives will be our life.  We are fully committed to living sustainably, not just running our business within the confines of an off the grid lifestyle.  So much so, that we cashed out our 401Ks to start the business, purchase the property, and build a small, green home. But we need help with the rest.
We recently purchased 10 acres in northern Vermont. We will live and work on this land. We plan to keep bees for their beeswax and honey and sheep for their milk so we can continue to expand and offer more amazing products. We are asking for your help so we can purchase solar electric, small wind turbines, a rain collection system with filtration, and a separate “clean” room away from our pets for those with animal allergies.
Most of us can’t afford to live this way and that’s why so few try, but this is a step in the right direction. This is something that everyone who participates in, whether you purchase our products or donate, can be proud of and tell your friends and family about what you helped us achieve. You can donate using the PayPal or links at the top of this page.
Thank you in advance for your contribution, and please share our story.

OUR Generous Donors

Eileen M.      8/1/2016

- "Thank You Jo Ann, Ben, Jenn and Alma. Double the money :) I'm not at my cap of $500.00 so if any body else wants to donate to reach that 500, I will match it, every bit helps. Will be nice to use some of that home made natural product."


Alma J.      8/7/2016

- "Best of Luck to you both....Excited to hear more and try your product. ♥"


Jenn C.      8/3/2016

- "I look forward to watching your business grow ☺"


Ben M.      8/2/2016

- "Can't wait to see the growth and visit you guys!"


 Eileen M.      8/2/2016

 - "Next two donations I will match, totaling up $500.00 for both :) .... :)"


Charles M.      7/1/2016

- "Glad I could help......"


Jo Ann A.      7/31/2016

- "Wooohooo I was first"